Anthony Benedict-Smith


I am  a multi-media, installation, public artist and collaborator.


I've exhibited my work in Bermuda, France, Hawaii, and Santa Barbara, CA, USA. I've won awards in the SBCC President's Art choice, watercolor, and sculpture from Santa Barbara City College as well being invited to present my work in SBCC Art shows. In March 2018, collaborating with the love of my life, Kathryn Lubahn, we presented our multi-media Popup Gallery Installation at the Krav Maga Dojo, Goleta, CA.

I grew up in a little sheep-shearing town called Echuca, on the Murray River, the border between Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. I loved spending time with my father and two brothers cutting firewood in the huge Eucalyptus valleys and making things in my Grandfather’s workshop. I bonded with nature.

The foundation for my work comes from an epiphany I had when I was thirteen years old. My Grandmother died and it made me question, what is the point of living seventy years, amassing all that life experience and memories, and then dying, completely erasing this physical existence?


Why don't we live forever? It seemed to me that something is wrong with the equation. Why do our bodies corrupt? Why do we die when, for the most part, we don't want to? Why can't the physical be as equal and important as the soul? Things didn't make sense.

These questions set in motion the events that lead to me meeting the love of my life, Kathryn Lubahn. Our thirty-year collaboration has produced sculptures which resonate damaged personal and environmental energy patterns back into a balanced coherence.


By studying reef fish in Bermuda and asking why they turn as one on a dime, don’t need traffic lights, don’t need face-lifts, and don’t decay like humans, we realized that the very limestone coral acts as an antenna for the Schuman Frequency of the earth itself and it is this relationship with the earth that guides all processes in reef fish lives.

This led us to create personal and environmental sculptures made of limestone, semi-precious stones, orgone energy, and Monoatomic gold (an interdimensional superconductor).


These have successfully produced profound changes in peoples’ lives and environments and, we feel, mitigated huge earthquakes prophesized for California over the last fifteen years. Our sculptures are designed to allow the earth to move in undulating wave patterns rather than sideways in jarring directions.

Our metaphysical sculptures continue to gently vibrate clients and their environments back into harmony much the way a tuning fork will ‘sympathetically’ resonate another tuning fork into harmony.

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