Anthony Benedict-Smith

Artist Statement

I make healing sculptures that produce profound changes for the better in peoples’ lives and environments.


I co-create these sculptures with my partner of 30 years and love of my life, Kathryn Lubahn.


The sculptures I make with Kathryn have as their foundation the Golden Ratio, the underlying creative life force inherent within all things. Our Environmental sculptures and jewelry facilitate the reorganization of incoherent, personal and environmental chi, back into healthy, and coherent chi or lifeforce.


By synergizing the disciplines of holographic perception, orgone construction, sacred geometry, ancient Vedic chants, semi-precious stones and Monoatomic gold, Kathryn and I produce beautiful, unique, and powerful pendants and pyramids which have and continue to dramatically improve the lives of our clients.


Through the strategic use of specific Radionic patterns, small geometric patterns etched in brass, placed within the sculpture, damaged individual and environmental energy fields are gently resonated back into healthy electromagnetic fields

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