Beautiful Miracles

Cameron Roberts, Goleta CA

Protection Pendant


I received my pendant about a year or so ago after talking to Anthony about my job and the risks involved in being a delivery driver. Anthony told me of the power the pendants have to influence energy and that a protection pendant could help keep me safe. I truly believe every bit of what he and his wife shared with me.


More than a year of full-time delivery driving and I never had an accident or a bad encounter with any drivers or police or anything. And I really felt like it was because the necklace was protecting me. It wasn't until my necklace broke though that I saw the true power though.


After locking myself out of my room I had to climb in through the window to get in, and in doing so I broke my necklace (which Anthony later fixed). I was instantly shocked and devastated when it broke. I laid it on my nightstand to wait for repair.


The VERY NEXT DAY, on my delivery route, without the necklace, I was rear-ended in my first-ever accident.


It wasn't a bad collision and no one was hurt, but it was definitely a gentle universal reminder that "hey, the power that lies in that necklace is no joke."  Soon after the accident, I ended up at Anthony's house for a delivery and I happened to have the pendant in the sunglasses holder in my car so I brought it inside and he fixed it for me free of charge.


This story is 100% genuine and I can't thank Anthony or his wife enough for sharing their love and energy with not only me but with anyone who is willing to listen." 


Cameron Roberts, Goleta CA

Another Miracle

Mar 17, 2016

"Anthony, a close family friend was in a tragic accident today, and Kali thought I should send you a message asking for your energies. He's like my little brother and the doctors don't have much optimism for his survival. I know it's a lot to ask but if you could do anything to try and influence his energy it would be very appreciated. Sorry to burden you, and thank you so much. "

-Cameron and Kali


"Hi Cameron and Kali

If you can spare another IOI pendant, either place one around his neck or close to his bed.


Take a photo of your friend. Place a white candle over it and place the blue Key2Angel up against the candle. Set your timer for every half hour and if you can pray with your friend's Angel/image/candle for his healing this will help powerfully.


Your responsibility (your ability to respond) is to hold the space for your friend that miracles of healing are real and for you to visualize him fully recovered. This will be a workout, but that's how healing occurs. 


Remember the power of your IOI pendant protecting you? They work for you, they'll work for him.


Also, please forgive your friend for having a subconscious death urge and tell him you will help him recover. Finally, please pray for what is most on purpose for your friend at this time.



Mar 18, 2015

"Thank you so much Anthony, it means so much. We've been praying non-stop for him here at the hospital and we gave him all of our pendants. protection self love forgiveness and power."



Mar 18, 2015

thank you so much Anthony. his condition seems to be improving, and he's been starting to breathe on his own. we've seen movement from him and he's shown some responsiveness to our words.. we really hope he pulls through and we've been praying for him continuously. 


Mar18, 2015

"Good news Cameron!

We all send you all our love and we'll keep his picture right where it is.

Great healing by putting all the IOI pendants on him. Fantastic! "



Mar 18, 2015

"thank you so much Anthony I really don't even know what to say but we appreciate this so much. it's been really hard but I think with our focused love and prayers he will pull through. he's got the pendants all around him."



Mar 19, 2015

"he's stable but I guess there's more swelling now and both of his eyes are closed. so hopefully today and tomorrow that swelling decreases and he can get better.. we're just at the hospital, waiting. thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and trying to help Angel. we appreciate it so much."



Mar 20, 2016

Personally, I think Angel is looking muuuuch better today, his swelling has decreased a lot. his oxygen is fluctuating and the pressure in his brain is still high I guess. and he's got a fever again. I'm not sure but I think he's improving. they induced a coma to make him less feisty and relax so they can move him around more easily. 


Mar 23, 2016

Good morning Cameron and Kali,

I am wondering how things are today?

Angel feels to me like he is stabilizing and improving. Is that accurate?

How are you all doing?




Mar 27, 2016

Yeah he's doing really good! we're in Seattle right now. he recognizes some people and is kind of confused about who other people are, he's talking pretty basic and has been walking around the ICU so he's definitely making an amazing recovery. :) thank you for all you've done and all the energy you've helped us send to him. we hope you and your family are doing well! 


Mar 29, 2016

hey Anthony! just wanted to let you know that when we saw Angel this last weekend it was really amazing.


when my little brother Jaxson walked in Angel said "there you are!" and gave him a big hug. he stood up and hugged me and he made jokes and colored in a book.


I guess before we got there, when he was becoming more coherent he put on my moms pendent for helplessness without knowing what any of them meant. he's been wearing it ever since! he was able to walk us out and he was even asking his mom and the doctors for medical marijuana haha.


he's making an amazing recovery. :) 

Anthony! thanks

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