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Eric W. Lehmann

Major, U.S. Army, (Ret’d)


I purchased an Islands of Infinity pyramid and am a satisfied customer.  I had the privilege of meeting the proprietors, Ms. Kathryn Lubahn and Mr. Anthony Benedict-Smith, at Santa Barbara City College and hearing about their products. 


Exploring their website, I became enamored of their IOI Pyramid of Innocence.  This particular pyramid is an Icelandic optical calcite sphere floating on a circular base of 19 radionic patterns. It’s made with monoatomic gold, magnetite, sacred chants, 24k gold leaf, silver leaf, iron filings, quartz crystal, fine resin, black tourmaline, and apophyllite.  I found it beautiful as a piece of art though admit no understanding of the principles Kathryn used to design it or Anthony used to craft it. 


After consideration, I purchased it through their Etsy store.  The two assured me if placed in a certain position in my home in a certain way, it would provide mental/emotional clarity, material profit and positive environmental influences that would build up slowly in a year’s time.  


At the time I purchased the pyramid, junk surrounded my apartment complex from three hoarders: the landlord, a sick neighbor, and the apartment handyman.  Students lived in the main apartment and neglected the front yard, divided between plain dirt and assorted bushes, trash, and general disarray.  Garbage cans lined the entryway to my own apartment filled overflowing with trash.  Despite the annoyance of living in a seeming junkyard, I enjoyed my apartment; the landlord kept rent at a low price considering the local high cost of living.


I placed the pyramid on my apartment’s north side (really the only place for it), on a rotating illuminated pedestal per Kathryn and Anthony’s advice.  Doing so enhanced the pyramid’s beauty. 


In a year’s time, the hoarding neighbor sadly passed on from his struggle with cancer.  All his junk was hauled away.  A new neighbor moved in who turned his area into a garden.  The elderly landlord hired an apartment manager.  She fired the handyman and he took his junk with him.  She talked to the landlord into moving much of his junk.  The students graduated and left.  A family replaced them who aggressively cleaned and landscaped the front yard.  The city replaced the garbage cans with nice new ones.  The apartment manager moved them so they no longer lined my apartment entrance.  During that year I achieved my investment financial goals a year to year and a half early, despite poor budgeting discipline on my part.  Regrettably, I could not provide a positive product review on Etsy due to their review time limit policy.  


I’ll conclude saying I still admire the IOI Pyramid of Innocence daily as an exquisite work of modern art.  I am pleased to endorse, based on my experiences so far, the claims Islands of Infinity made for it.  Indeed, despite Kathryn and Anthony’s warning about significant mark up due to the crafting effort required and the rare, expensive materials, I’m seriously considering purchasing another as a gift.




Eric W. Lehmann

Major, U.S. Army, (Ret’d)

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