Kathryn Lubahn

Artist Statement

I am a Weaver of Time and Space.


My art evolved from a solitary exploration of energy, consciousness, wave/particle gestalt, astrological perception to a shared artistic expression. My art is a dialogue and collaboration with the wild Australian, Anthony Benedict-Smith.


Our thirty-year interaction with Tibetan sand painters led us to our paradigm of creating art as a spiritual practice that can heal our damaged planet and suffering humanity. We discovered meditation and evolution does not take place in a vacuum.


When a unique set of genetics interacts with a unique environment at a unique time, transformation occurs. Our art is focused on generating healthy, harmonious environments for individuals and societies.


Our commissioned art pieces are people specific, site-specific and time specific. We use astrology and feng shui to chart current and future events and seek to increase life and good fortune and decrease misfortune. We create islands of infinity for our clients and our world. Our art is where art and science meet symbols.


Currently, I am embroidering a shamanic heraldic series, Salamander Hearts. Also, I am working on a book, Altering Reality. Through art, photography, poetry, essay, and memoir, I explain how astrology and feng shui combine to create our sanctuary of time and space and how everyone can use these principles to increase their own happiness and success in life.


Through storytelling, I am opening a window into our personal magical garden and home. It is a book about sacredness and laughter. It is a story of how to discover the divine in the mundane through nurturing innocence.


Innocence, to me, is really in-one-sense: synthesia. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Transformation happens in the twinkling of the eye.


May we walk in beauty. "Hohzo"


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