Kathryn Lubahn


I am a weaver of Time and Space


I was born in the middle of the night during the first blizzard of 1951 within the sound of Niagara Falls, New York. At five, I entered the magical world of south Florida. Caribbean sunlight, towering thunderstorms, conscious dolphins, dangerous alligators, the incessant hum of insects, and vast flocks of birds filled my life.


I was obsessed with drawing, painting, and sculpting my way through a dazzling ever-changing kaleidoscope of light, patterns, shapes, and colors. Mythology, ancient civilizations, language, and art compelled me to explore beyond the surface of American culture.


Dr. Stanley Tupler began my formal education in art at the Experimental School, Nova. From 7th grade through 12th he guided a small group of students through the art “isms” and techniques. He taught art as an exploration of consciousness. Nova taught me to create and organize my own avenues of research and development. I discovered that quantum physics and magic found agreement in holography.


I have spent my life living and exploring the edges of the human collage and the unknown. Motivated by how tiny our visible light spectrum really is, I wanted to understand the bigger picture. I began a lifelong study of astrology and feng shui.


My time at Stetson University provided me with not only a degree in English but also a horse and Ocala Forest. After a year backpacking through Europe studying art and humanities, I returned to my beloved forest. Here My Apache Cherokee teacher trained me in Native American shamanism for three years.


I continued to learn about and develop my consciousness with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, through his Science of Creative Intelligence and Siddha training. Kriya yoga and the breath became my path with Haidakhan Babaji.


I made my living guiding people at earth grid power spots and supporting their exploration of our magical world. But silent spring was becoming a reality. The massive flocks of birds disappeared and the Hopi prophecies of mass extinction were becoming self-evident.


In 1989 I met my beloved companion in destiny, Anthony Benedict-Smith. We attended a life-changing U.N. Peace conference for global educators and spent time with the Dalai Lama.This began our thirty-year relationship with Tibetan sand painters. We learned that art heals, especially when created within the golden ratio and precise geometries.


We combined our artistic, shamanistic, and scientific skills together to create environmental healing sculptures for our world and for individuals. We co-founded the Holographic Ecology Foundation: a sanctuary for time and space.


From 2000 on we have spent our time as scholars at Santa Barbara Community College exploring and researching many fields of arts and sciences. We have continued our studies in plasma physics, ascension, and Mayan Cosmology, astrology and feng shui.


We are continuing to develop our series of planetary sculptures and have created a business, Islands of Infinity. We accept commissions for our shamanic art and orgone jewelry and sculptures. Currently, I am exploring shamanic, heraldic embroidery.


We live in our small sanctuary, Islands of Infinity,  with our Godson, Vittorio Grieco in Goleta, California.

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