This is an IOI Pendant with Four radionics. Four radionics will increase the power and synergistic effect of your pendant.


The power of the radionic chips working together, create an exponential increase in power and effect with the more radionic chips you buy (limit of four per pendant, however, if you want more then you can have up to thirty-three radionic chips in you IOI Pyramid).


Dear IOI Client,

I love astrology. For me, it is both, a practical playbook for life, and a series of ever-changing navigational charts that support us to play well and enjoy smooth sailing.


For an astrological reading with me, I need your:


  • Full Name
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth, and
  • Three of the most important questions you have about your life.


Our reading will be a two-hour exploration of your birth chart, current astrological transits, preparation for 2020, as well as answering your three questions.


Astrology is both a science and a metaphysical art. We will work together to create strategies for maximizing good fortune for you and minimizing misfortune for you. You don’t need to understand astrology for us to navigate your future.


I deeply advise you bring a fully charged, recording device because when I connect up your chart to the universe it’s just non-stop flow of information.


Islands of Infinity charges $250* which can also be applied to any purchase of our IOI sculptures or jewelry. I like to take the information from a reading and apply it practically to produce positive changes in your life.


Your astrological reading will allow us to custom design your metaphysical jewelry. The more precise we are in the choice for the particular radionic orgone chips the greater the results for you.


I look forward to getting to know you better and supporting you to maximize happiness and fulfillment in your life.


With devotion,

Kathryn Lubahn

* My fee is donated to ongoing IOI planetary regeneration projects.

Four Radionics

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